Certificate Course in Video Editing

As you’ve come this far, we’re pretty sure your query is all about video editing. Not boring you a lot lets jump into each and every aspects of video editing. As we provide the best video editing course in Mumbai. We’ll surely help you out. 

What is Video Editing?

As, many of you will answer video editing is all about editing some clips and merging them all along. This is the reason why people miss a huge booming opportunity as a video editor.

This is not what video editing means! There are many other factors attached to video editing. Video Editing is so booming right now! That each and every industry needs a video editor for specific purpose. The booming entertainment industry needs the video editor the most. They need them of editing video, cropping, giving various transitions and many more.

Why Video Editing is so important?

Just think for a second, what you prefer the most? A short informative video or a long paragraph, in which you need to learn a lot of words to crack the inner code (Insiders message).
90% of the people prefer videos over written text or a single image. This are the few reasons why this field is booming a lot.
Nowadays a small ads or a small social media share each and everything is accumulated inside a video. The Entertainment industry is testing out new strategies or video editing techniques, so that each and every viewer should be happy with his/her content on the internet. This is not only in form of movies.
This field is growing so much that, nowadays a small ad campaign, short clips or movies and TV/Web series needs a talented video editor to accumulate their content and share the world a better version of it. Now the questions arrive!

What should I do to learn video editing?

Many of the people out their will think that, they can learn each from YouTube or from somewhere else online.
But, here the question arrives! Will they give you a hand on training? Are you sure they will reply to your each and every comment? The answer is big NO!
So, start from basics and till expert level from us. Our huge Versatile Film and media academy will take care of each and every student and solve their each and every query. What makes us so special in Video Editing field?
As you all must have heard the quote “A team with knowledge is more powerful than anything”. That’s why our video editing course special and better than others.

What you’re going to learn from our course?

There are two version of this course:
1. Certified Course in Video Editing
2. Certificate Course in Advanced Video Editing
First of all let’s discuss about the first course of video editing:

our course content

1. Editing Theory & Terminologies

2. Hi-speed & Ramping

3. Software Interface & Settings

4. Audio Editing & Audio leveling

5. Basic Cutting with Editing Tools

6. Transitions

7. Animation in Editing

8. Titling

9. Video Effects & Outputs

Certified Course in Video Editing

This course will be in two ways:

  1. Weekdays (Mon to Fri) for 1 month.
  2. Weekends (Sundays only) for 2 months.

It’s all depends upon you how you going to take the course.

Let’s discuss, what are we going to learn in this course?

In this course you will be learning about Adobe Premiere Pro. This is a premium software by Adobe specially made for video editing purpose. And many professional video editors use this editor for film and various types of editing.

Editing Theory & Terminologies

 In this part people will be introduced to the basic concepts of video editing. Many things falls under video editing like Aspect Ratio, B-roll, Bit rate, Close up, Color temperature and etc. There are lot of basic tips and tricks will be shared by our teachers.

Software Interface & Settings

In this part of the course you’ll be introduced to the software Adobe premiere pro. You’ll the first exclusive view of the video editor. You will be introduced to basis settings of the software and many more.

Basic Cutting with Editing Tools

In this part of the course, you’ll get to know about the advance tools inside the adobe premiere pro for basic cutting and editing tools. There are many more tools inside adobe premiere pro which will give you a huge benefit in video editing.

Hi-speed & Ramping

In this part of the course, you’ll learn how to speed up or down the video. Which tools you’re going to use for Hi-speed and Ramping in Adobe premiere pro.

Audio Editing & Audio leveling

In this part of the course you’ll learn about how you need to integrate audio with the video. Then how you’re going to edit the existing audio and how you’re going to remove or modify the audio.


In this part of video, you’ll learn how transitions happen and how they are made. How you can use pre-made transitions or you can make yours.

Animation in Editing

In this part of the course, you’ll learn about various animations. And you’ll also learn how to integrate animation and which type of animations are mostly used.


In this part of the course, you’ll learn about the element called Tilting which is very much useful and needed in video editing.

With the tilt-shift effect produced by cameras with perspective-control lenses, you can make normally photographed objects appear tiny, as if they’re a scaled-down model.

Video Effects

In this second last topic of the course, you’ll learn about the various video effects used in adobe premiere pro. This is a very important topic for each and every video editor in Entertainment field.


In this very ending of the course, you’ll learn how you’re going to export your project. And you’ll also learn how you’re going to present this to the world.

Certificate Course in Advanced Video Editing

So, you must be questioning till now! What will be in the advance version of video editing?

We’re here to clear your doubt and tell you the actual fact behind advance course.

In advance video editing course you’ll get to know about the advance version of video editing software. And you’re going to learn the advance version of each and every tool of it. You should learn the basic to start with this. So, it would be great if you do the advance course after the basic course. This will boost your knowledge in video editing sequence wise.

What is going to be used in advance video editing?

In advance video editing, we’re going to use Apple Final cut pro, which is a very high end software for film and video editing.

What you’re going to get in this course?

In this particular advance course you’ll learn about the Apple Final cut pro and editing technique.

Introduction to Apple Mac Machines

In the beginning you’ll get to know about the Apple machine specifications and why we need an apple machine to use this software. And what type hardware is required to run this software.

Editing Theory & Terminologies

Again you’re going to learn the basics and going to put step in advance video editing using Apple final cut pro. Editing theory always stays the same for both the software but as the OS or Machine changes, you need to know the ups and downs and terminologies.

Hi-speed & Ramping

In this advance video editing course, you’ll learn about the Speed Ramping in Final Cut pro, which is mostly used in VFX or many other video editing purposes.

Audio Editing & Audio leveling

A video is nothing without a wonderful audio. So, In this course you’re going to learn the mastery method of Audio editing and leveling in Final cut pro. You’ll get to know about the various tools and techniques. 

Video effects for Music Videos

As we’re learn advance video learning, it’s obvious that we’re going to learn about various video effects in video editing for various music videos.


A video is almost incomplete without an awesome transition. We’re going to teach you how and when you need put a transition and how this is going to effect a whole video.

Animation in Editing

Animation is an important part in final cut pro. It’s like working with built-in effects. And creating our very own Animation for a video.


Tilting and shifting is same as adobe premiere pro, but tilting in apple final cut pro need more precision. That’s why it is included in advance version of the course.

Video Effects

In this second last topic of the course, you’ll learn about the various video effects used in Apple Final Cut pro. This is a very important topic for each and every video editor in Entertainment field.


This is the last part of our advance course, where you will get to know how to export and how to present the video to the audience out there.

For more reference you can look into the difference chart of Adobe Premiere pro and Apple Final Cut pro.

How much you’re going to earn from Video Editing?

Even if the world enter into full automation they cannot turn down creativity and consultant via automation. So, Video is about both of this factors.So, this becomes a never ending job for all. Once you learn it to the fullest you’ll learn and earn easily.

According to glassdoor, you can earn minimum approx. 4 lakh a year and this will also increase by your experience and reputation. You can even do your video editing job from home as a freelancer and even you can collab with YouTube stars and edit their video and you can make and edit your own short film.


In this very course you’ll master the art of video editing. You’ll get to know various people in this field and various other topics will be covered for you.In Versatile you’ll learn the art of making, presenting, producing and editing of video content. Once you step here, you’ll get the personal attention for each and every topic. You’ll be connected with a great team and a great faculty of Versatile Film and Media Academy.

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