Certificate Course in Film & Video Editing

Film and video editing is the important factor of Entertainment industry. Until and unless you know this skills you’re not good enough for the industry.

What you’re going to learn from our course?

So, we’ve came up with a course for Film and Video Editing in which we are going to teach each and every topic (required for editing a film) need in Industry. The course offers to learn all the skills required to modify telefilms, tele serials or other audio-visual program - technical knowledge to theoretical basis, analysis and appreciation with hands on training using real equipment. Students learn all the techniques and nuances necessary to do a good editing job and the management of back-end data, while also learning about all the latest innovations. Students will have different individual exercises over for a better understanding of the art.

our course content

1. Editing Theory & Terminologies

2. Software Interface & Settings

3. Introduction to Apple Machines

4. Basic Cutting with Editing Tools

5. Hi-speed & Ramping

6. Audio Editing & Audio leveling

7. Video effects

8. Transitions

9. Animation in Editing

10. Titling

11. Video Effects

12. Film Editing Methods & Techniques

13. Shooting & Editing a Scene

14. Output

Let’s discuss, what are we going to learn in this course?

In advance video editing, we’re going to use Apple Final cut pro which is a very high end software for Film and video editing and this software will run only on Apple machine (MAC OS).

What you’re going to get in this course?

In this particular advance course you’ll learn about the Apple Final cut pro and editing technique.

Introduction to Apple Mac Machines

In this part of course you will get to know how an apple mac machine works. And which type of apple is more useful for Film and video editing. You will get to know about the specification and machine structure.

Editing Theory & Terminologies

In this course, you will get to know the various aspects of film and video editing. And how exactly a film is edited In Entertainment industry. You will get to know about the various software used in this field.

Hi-speed & Ramping

In this Film and video editing course, you’ll learn about the Speed Ramping in Final Cut pro, which is mostly used in VFX or many other video editing purposes. This plays an important role to put master effects in video.

Audio Editing & Audio leveling

A video is nothing without a wonderful audio. So, in this course you’re going to learn the mastery method of audio editing and leveling in Final cut pro. You’ll get to know about the various tools and techniques. 

Video effects

As we’re learn advance video learning, it’s obvious that we’re going to learn about various video effects in video editing for various music videos.


A video is almost incomplete without an awesome transition. We’re going to teach you how and when you need put a transition and how this is going to effect a whole video.

Animation in Editing

Animation is an important part in final cut pro. It’s like working with built-in effects. And creating our very own Animation for a video.


Tilting and shifting is same as adobe premiere pro, but tilting in apple final cut pro need more precision. That’s why it is included in advance version of the course.

Video Effects

In this Film and Video editing course, you’ll learn about the various video effects used in Apple Final Cut pro. This is a very important topic for each and every video editor in Entertainment field.

Film Editing Methods & Techniques

There are various types of editing in film and video editing such as jump cut, cross dissolve, Montage, Standard cut, Wipe, fade in, fade out and many more methods. So, it’s better to learn each and every technique and implement and check the outcomes.

Shooting & Editing a Scene

In this part of course, you’ll learn how to shoot & edit a scene. In this part of course you will be guided to come out with more and more creativity. You will learn to edit dialogues, reactions, overlapping of expression with background music which is required for making a film scene effective.


In chapter, you’ll learn how you’re going to export your project in different formats suitable for different platforms of media field.

Which type career opportunity is available after this course?

Employability & Career Path Ways:

  1. Video Editor in the field of:
  2. Feature Films
  3. Short films
  4. Documentaries
  5. Web Series Television

Job opportunities in Production House or Television:

  1. Post Production In charge
  2. Offline Editor
  3. Online Editor

Employment opportunities:

  1. Production Houses
  2. Entertainment Industry
  3. Media Houses
  4. Television Channels
  5. Advertisement Agencies
  6. Event Companies
  7. As an Entrepreneur the student completing the course can be a freelance Editor, can start his own post-production studio, and assist in various projects to a senior editor.

What will be my salary after this course?

Your salary totally depends upon, how much you learn. But as per various research an intermediate level Film and Video Editor can earn up to minimum rupees 5 lakh per film, per year. This salary will increase as his/her experience increases.


In this very course you’ll master the art of Film and Video Editing. You’ll get to know various people in this field and various other topics will be covered for you.

In Versatile you’ll learn the art of making, presenting and producing of film and video content and editing. Once you step here, you’ll get the personal attention for each and every topic.

You’ll be connected with a great team and a great faculty of Versatile Film and Media Academy.

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